Honda Confort Features in Boise, ID

Honda Comfort Features Technology

A new car isn't just for looks, safety or performance, comfort has always had a place in the shopping process and our Honda models are built with your comfort in mind. Every model and trim level is equipped with top-of-the line materials and technology that delivers comfort in ways you didn't even know you wanted or needed. Discover the boldest Honda Comfort Features below and build your next Honda with all industry-leading comfort you desire. 

Climate Control
Keeping all your passengers comfortable at the perfect temperature is no problem with the independently-adjustable Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control.

*Standard on Select Model EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite trim levels.

The sky's the limit with two moonroof configurations - one lets you tilt and retract while the second, larger one gives panoramic views to rear passengers.*

*Power moonroof standard on Select Models EX-L and Touring trim levels. Panoramic roof standard on select models Elite trim level.

Rear Entertainment System
The 10.2-inch display makes viewing easy for 2nd and 3rd-row passengers, and offers music and video streaming, plus the fun How Much Farther?™ app.

*Advanced Rear Entertainment System standard on select models EX-L w/Navigation and Rear Entertainment System, Touring and Elite trim levels.

Refresh Mode
The front seats fold back and the rear seats recline for when all you need to fit in is a nap.*

*Only use Refresh Mode when the vehicle is safely parked. Return the seat and head restraint to their original positions before driving.

Mobile Hotspot
Enjoy wireless streaming capabilities, including audio and entertainment system updates by turning your Honda into a mobile hotspot with a data plan from AT&T.

*HondaLink® standard on Select Models Touring and Elite trim levels.

Cabin Control™
Passengers can change music, adjust the climate and more using the CabinControl™ app on their smart phone.

*CabinControl™ standard on Odyssey and Pilot EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite trim levels.

Honda CabinWatch™
Keep an eye on your family with CabinWatch™. A camera with night vision lets you see the back seats, even in the dark, and is viewable through the Display Audio Touch-Screen.*

*CabinWatch™ standard on Odyssey Touring and Elite trim levels.

Honda CabinTalk™
CabinTalk™ allows you to talk directly to passengers in the back. You can override RES connected headphones and on Odyssey Elite models, you can also be heard through the rear speakers.

*CabinTalk™ standard on Odyssey EX-L w/Navigation and Advanced Rear Entertainments System, Touring and Elite.