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YOU can now decide how YOU want to purchase your next vehicle

Whether you're looking for a complete online buying process, or you're just interested in saving time in the dealership, our Shop Smart Online Buying tool allows you the convenience to do as much, or as little of your next vehicle purchase online as you want. PLUS, WE DELIVER!

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Learn more about our Smart Shopping process, and familiarizing yourself with the tool. Learn more about:

  1. How Smart Shopping can save you time
  2. What to expect when going through the process

Ready to get started?
Simply find your next vehicle and click the 'Express Purchase' or 'Build Payment' button beneath the vehicle's price.


Vehicle Delivery

Upgrade your deal adding vehicle delivery. No need to come into the dealership when one of our sales representatives can bring your new vehicle to you.



Do you have a vehicle to trade? By providing your trade's information we can give you an instant trade value that will be applied to your deal. This makes the payment information more accurate and will save you time.


Personalize Payments

Help cement realistic expectations for what deal is best for you. Specify whether you'd like to purchase or lease and make adjustments to find your perfect monthly payment.

This tool empowers you to:

  • Determine Your Buying Power
  • Explore Deal Details
  • View Applied Offers


Review Your Deal

Review your deal before submitting your deal. You will be able to see all your add ons, applied offers, and your trade.

After submitting your deal, one of our sales consultants will be contacting you to review your order and verify your information before finalizing your purchase.


Review Your Progress

You can view your deal at any step of the process. See your add ons, applied offers, and your trade.

Contact Us

Have a Question?

Easily contact us during any step of the process. Give us a call, email, or get directions to stop by.


Save Your Progress

You can save your progress at any point! Simply provide an email or phone number and a link will be sent providing the capability to resume your order from where you left off. No need to provide any personal information like name or address!


Exit at Any Point

You can close your order at any step in the process. If you would like to save your progress, you can have a link emailed to text to your phone so you can resume where you left off. Don't feel like saving? You can simply close the window and continue shopping for other vehicles.

Why Shop Online At Larry H. Miller Honda Boise?

You can now buy a new or used car completely online on the Larry H. Miller Honda Boise website. Why purchase or lease your next car online? You're saving time and hassle - avoiding time spent traveling to our Boise dealership and time spent in the waiting room while your paperwork is processed. With our handy online tools, you can get all the major steps towards ownership completed, right from the comfort of your own home. Shopping online also enables you to lock in the best auto financing or leasing deals we have to offer at Larry H. Miller Honda Boise.

One of the best things about online car shopping is that if you cannot come to us, we will come to you! We offer home delivery for your new vehicle, so you never even have to set foot in the dealership. Plus, we can bring you all the pertinent paperwork to sign and can even collect your trade-in. Start shopping online today through Larry H. Miller Honda Boise!

Start Shopping for Your New Honda Online Today

Take advantage of these great services and start shopping online for your next Honda or used car. Plus, get the complete experience with home delivery in the greater Avondale, AZ area.

Reach out to Larry H. Miller Honda Boise if you have any questions throughout the online shopping process. If you prefer the in-person approach, you can still fill out all the paperwork you need online and come see us at 7710 West Gratz Drive in Boise, ID.